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Mello is a recreational cannabis dispensary and indoor cultivation facility in Haverhill, Massachusetts. I designed and launched the brand in 2021 and I have continued to build the Mello Cannabis brand for the last 2 years. I was asked to join the company as Director of Marketing in September 2023.


Brand Design

I designed the Mello and Mello Farms logos including style guides and logo libraries.

Social Media

I built a brand style for social media and directed an educational video series with company leaders. Saw an increase in engagement of 10% across social channels.


Packaging System

I created an icon system on all Mello packaging providing the consumer with a better way to choose their cannabis 

Packaging Design

I created packages for a variety of bag sizes, boxes, tubes, and tins. I designed the graphics, managed the project, and coordinated the printing.

Package Set.jpg


I created Find Your Mello campaigns - concept creation, copywriting, design

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