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Hypeline X is a vape brand with style. Coming out of the Pacific Northwest, Hypeline X launched their cannabis brand with their Fall/Winter Portland apparel collection. 

I created the name, logo, icon system, apparel, and packaging design.


Brand Design

I kicked off the collaboration by creating a brand name, Hypeline X,  that was ownable, unique, and memorable. 

With an eye toward launching the brand with an apparel line, I created a flexible icon system for use on a wide range of apparel and packaging.

Hypeline Portfolio Apparel.jpg

The inaugural line of streetwear apparel is based on a Portland, WA Fall/Winter palette featuring high-quality hoodies, Ts, and hats. 

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I created a style guide with icon options ranging from simple to complex for maximum flexibility for future collaboration with artists and brands.

HypelineX-Style Guide_Page_3.jpg

Style Guide

Apparel Line

Hypeline X is a lifestyle brand but their primary product is cannabis vape cartridges.

We created a series of hang cards and cartridge wraps for their inaugural product launch.

Hypeline Portfolio-Packaging.jpg


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